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Hazel Cook BSc Nutritional Med. mBANT

I specialize in gut related problems and work with laboratories who specialize in food intolerance and gluten sensitivity. I use Cyrex laboratory and Cambridge Nutritional Science laboratory. I also use a stool test called the GI map which can help identify disturbances in the gut relating to IBS symptoms.

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About Nutritional Therapy.

It is a holistic approach using individually tailored diets and sometimes supplements to form a nutritional programme for each person which may help to improve their general wellbeing and vitality. It aims to promote optimal health and as a nutritional therapist I may recommend lifestyle modification.

Lifestyle, diet, medical and family history may influence a person's health therefore during a consultation this information is considered in order to help design the best dietary programme for each individual. The aim of a nutritional therapy programme is to improve health and wellbeing by correcting for example any nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances / allergies, dietary imbalances and to help improve digestion. Special tests may be recommended for some people if they have stress related digestive problems or hormonal imbalances for example. Information on these tests can be found on www.gdxuk.net and www.cyrexlabs.com for gluten sensitivity tests.

People who come for Nutritional Therapy are of all ages and may suffer with varying conditions including joint or muscle pain, breathing disorders, bloating, constipation, stress related digestive disorders, fertility issues, hormonal imbalances including stress and weight related problems.

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