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Hazel Cook BSc Nutritional Med, Reflexology Practitioner certificate

I have been practising reflexology for over 10 years and have done postgraduate training including seminars on reflexology for pregnancy and fertility issues, vertical reflex therapy (VRT). Following my qualification in reflexology, I studied nutrition and finally completed a degree in nutritional medicine with West London (previously Thames Valley) University in 2008.

I belong to the Association of Reflexologists and I am registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. Registration number: 000190-I09 (www.aor.org.uk) and BANT (www.bant.org.uk) and follow their codes of conduct.

I first became interested in nutrition as a migraine sufferer since childhood and as an Art student studying in London during the 1970's. My college doctor suggested an elimination diet. This involved eliminating certain trigger foods. For the first time since I could remember I did not have migraine headaches.

My interest in nutrition developed further while pregnant with my two sons, when I became aware of the importance of diet for pre-conceptual nutrition and also during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

At the beginning of my studies in nutritional medicine, my eldest son at the age of 14 was diagnosed with post-viral fatigue and later chronic fatigue. This was a very difficult time, as a previously healthy, athletic boy he became a person who could barely walk for more than 5 minutes. He made a full recovery. I have been studying since my son's illness by attending seminars and conferences about chronic fatigue, M.E and fibromyalgia and so I continue to gain a greater understanding of these debilitating conditions.

Over the years I have been to many seminars, recent topics have included weight issues, unexplained illness, food for the brain and hormonal imbalances.

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