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Dear Hazel

I wanted to write to you, after our conversation this morning whilst having my reflexology treatment, of people disregarding the benefits of alternative treatments. I believe I am one case alone that would not be in such a good place today if it wasn’t for your care and assistance. From my early thirties I was suffering from pain, mainly in my joints. I was referred to various Consultants to see if anything could be diagnosed and after approximately six years and numerous tests and consultants, some telling me to lose weight I was diagnosed with Lupus. Not good news but a diagnosis, 18 months later, and various nasty medications, I was told that she believed she had been hasty in making my diagnosis and that I was not suffering from Lupus. She then referred me to another consultant . Still suffering tremendous pain, on occasions and also being very debilitated I was sent to a further two consultants and many more tests and x-rays before being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
I have been prescribed all kinds of medication from antibiotics, steroids, methotrexate and pethidine which have certainly helped on some occasions to ease the pain, but I believe depleted my energy levels and capabilities at times. I have on occasions been so bad that I have had to use a computer chair to get me around the house and for periods of time crawled around being unable to walk. I have used sticks, crutches, shoulder straps and other supporting items as well as my best friend the ‘tens machine’. My family can contest to the low levels I have reached when having to require help just to get dressed in the mornings.
My road to recovery was making a decision to stop taking the medications I was regularly taking and only using as and when really necessary. I read the book ‘Treating Arthritis the Drug Free Way’. My bad days were less regular and the breakthrough came when after other reflexologists letting me down I found you on the internet.
Reflexology is something I truly believe in, I have been to you on numerous occasions not being able to lift my arms or discomfort in various joints but have noticed a difference after my treatment. Not only with the reflexology have you made a difference in my life, but after a few tests with you and your advice on supplements that you believe would be of help to me, I have all good days with very little pain and it is approximately 6 months since I have had to take the steroids or pethidine that I have in case of emergencies.
I also have had a weight problem for many years now, possibly been the same weight for more than 10 years. Since taking supplements for thyroid and adrenals, that you recommended, I have started to lose weight with the help of a good diet, something previously attempted to no avail.
You without a doubt have made a massive difference to my life, I have on many occasions thought I and my family would be better off if I wasn’t around dragging everybody down. I now can say that I am looking very much to the future now that I am not only more mobile, but able to exercise without the repercussions suffered previously.

Thank you really isn’t enough I do hope that when people attempt to get help from their GP’s but fall inside the normal ranges yet still suffer, will be brave enough to seek alternative help because it really can change someone’s life for the better.

With much gratitude!!

Julie S. Bishop's Stortford

Hazel Cook has been my Reflexologist for almost 20 years. I started using her shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I had 6 month old twins, a 2 year old and was breastfeeding. The effect of the Reflexology treatments which I received regularly were a crucial part of my overall cancer treatment especially as I felt overwhelmed with shock, grief and anger. Subsequently I developed lymphoedema in my left arm and sacoidosis in my lung airways. Apart from the carefully tailored treatments, Hazel advised me on appropriate nutritional supplements to support my battered immune system. Over the years apart from my continuing treatments, my family have been treated by Hazel, most especially my younger son now 15 years old and 6 foot tall. He suffered from asthma and hayfever which were becoming progressively worse. Hazel devised a nutritional program which was almost miraculous in its effectiveness. Within months, his hayfever symptoms receded and his asthma became manageable once morel. I continue to receive treatments from Hazel and shall do so as long as she is prepared to give it!

Thank you Hazel!
Mrs M. Bishop's Stortford.

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